Sunday, 11 August 2013

Low Carb Chocolate Dessert

These low-carb chocolate puddings are easy to make and perfect for a low carb diet. There aren't many skills in the kitchen required to put them together. They're a perfect solution for those missing some chocolate indulgence in their life who are looking for a quick fix.

Although they're not the perfect nutritional solution, they are a great treat for those on a low carb diet or a diabetic diet.

And here's the great news. They're only 2g carbs per dessert with ingredients are easy to find, just about anywhere.

Time to prepare: 5 mins
Time to set: 30 mins
Serving Size: Makes 3 puddings.
Carbs per serving: 2.1g

  • 1 packet of sugar-free chocolate pudding mix (any you like will do. I prefer Tesco's Chocolate Delight, which is 6g carbs per 49g pack).
  • 1 can of spray cream (I used Anchor Real Dairy Cream, the carbs in it are negligible, but you can use any cream you like; coconut cream if you want it to be a bit healthier).
  • 1 piece of 85% dark chocolate, grated. (I used Thorntons).
  • 300mls of Almond milk (I used the Alpro brand). (0.3g carbs)
  • Follow the instructions on the packet. Mine was to add 300mls of milk to a bowl. Add the contents of the chocolate pudding mix and whisk it for 2 mins.
  • Once the chocolate pudding mix is whisked up, spoon it into three glasses and leave to set in the fridge for 30 mins. (Roughly 100mls of it per glass).
  • Grate up the piece of chocolate for decoration later. (I only needed to grate one square from the bar)
  • Take the set puddings out of the fridge and grab the can of spray cream. 
  • Decorate the top with as much cream as you'd like, and sprinkle on some chocolate shavings.
That's it. Easy, tasty and really filling!

These are a treat that is easy to get hold of and easy to make. They are not a nutritional dessert, so make sure you eat them as part of a healthy diet. But on a low carb diet, it's a treat that won't cost you many carbs and will make you forget you're on a diet at all. A nice indulgence to enjoy once in a while.

This also comes in other flavours, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, banana etc. You can get creative decorating them with fruit, nuts and even a low carb syrup. Enjoy!

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